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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Hello, All,

I'm excited to announce that I'll be giving away one free copy of The Stampers' Sampler Summer 2015 issue.  This is the issue that features ME! as the Guest Artist.  I'm so pleased to have this honor and in celebration I'm issuing a challenge to all my followers/readers.

I want you to find a card in the magazine ( and make one to post with your comment here on my blog.  At the end of the month, I will have one of my grandchildren draw a name to see who gets the free copy.  Remember, you must post a comment after visiting the Stampington & Co. website and taking a  peek inside the new Stampers' Sampler.  Also post a pic of the card you have made.  Have a look around on this wonderful website.  The Studio is full of great projects, many of which have videos to follow, all have directions to help you make the item yourself.  They have such a huge collection of rubber art stamps.  Also in the Shoppe are products that will enhance any artistic endeavor you wish to tackle.  Go.  Look.  Create.   But don't forget to come back to post your comment and creation!
Best to all of you!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Stampington has chosen me as their Guest Artist in the upcoming issue of The Stampers' Sampler.  This issue will be on the news stands July 1......that's this Wednesday!  Please buy a copy and see what I've been doing.....well, most of the time anyway.  ")   I love the layout they've done and their interview was loads of fun and thought probing/provoking for me.  I'll post a photo as soon as they send me the badge.  Thanks!

Hope everyone is having a very relaxed summer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finished botanical pages

I tied the finished pages together with an aqua organza ribbon.  I left long tails so I could pull the ribbon across to the scalloped flap and tied it in a bow.  (Of course, the owner of the album will bind the pages herself.  This will keep the pages I made together until she receives it back.)

I so enjoyed working in this book.  I have never made a book for myself that cataloged the bird community around our property.  I am so inspired to do so!

Botanical journal pages

 I received an old Victorian album that was in pieces.  My friend thought I could come up with some ideas of how to use the pages. I decided I should use some of it in her book for our art club's round robin this year.  So I removed this page from the album and added the photo of the English Oriole.  I added the eggs to the lower left corner and then added the lace and yellow washi tape to the left side.  Next I attached three of the craft flowers to the frame.  I wrote "fig. 7" in the corner of the photo and "Plate 21" to a tab and added it to the top of the frame.
 On the back of the frame I added this Birds and Nature page from a Catherine Moore collection.  The same friend mentioned above sent me the bias tape with "77" printed down the side.  I added that to the left side of the page.  I attached a birdcage die cut over the printed cage on the page.  I wrote "fig. 3" on a small label and added it just below the bird.  I wrote "For Sale" on another label and attached it to the die cut.  Next I tied a metal bird to a black thread and tied it to a tiny safety pin.  I adhered a strip of brown ric-rac across the top of the page and attached the tiny pin to it.  I wrote "fly" 3X on the page and attached a feather and a faux postage stamp to the page.  At the bottom of the page I added the three numbers.
The frame will be attached over this page and open up to reveal the pockets.  I cut out a bird on a limb and glued it to the upper left corner of this page.  I attached a blue floral washi tape across the top of the page.  I added five rubber stamped pockets to the page.  I added the names of some of the birds that I see on our property.  Next I printed out photos I took of those birds, trimmed them to fit the pockets and backed them with playing cards that had decorative birds on the backs.  I added tiny blue rhinestones to some of the pockets and placed the photo cards in them.  I attached a flower to one pocket and lace along the bottom of the page.  Then I glued a feather to the lace.  I attached a photo of an English Oriole to the top of the flap on the left and a page from an old book that gave some facts about the bird.  Then I cut the edge into scallops and hole-punched it to look like eyelet lace.  I adhered one of my photos of a bluebird to the bottom of the flap and wrote the date of the sighting on the photo.

 The next page I covered with another page from Catherine Moore's collection.  I tore a picture of Baltimore Orioles from an old bird book and adhered it to the lower right corner of the page.  I added six pockets to this page and repeated the process of rubber stamping, adding names of the birds and added some blue enameled dots to the pockets.  At the bottom of the page I wrote a little note of some of the bird sightings we've made on our property and along the river at the back of our property.
Next I pulled two photos out to show some examples of the birds I have sighted around my home.
 This is a page that my friend had sent along with her book.  Once again I added the pockets, rubber stamped on them, added some tiny red rhinestones and names of more birds.  I printed out more photos, backed them with the decorative playing cards and added them to the pockets.  In the center at the top I added the diagram of an Oriole.  I edged the torn piece with a brown marker and colored in the bird.  I also added the word "Guide" above the bird.  I cut the pink flowers and the green swirls from an envelope from another one our club members and glued it to the top of the page.  I added the tiny feather and some red enamel dots to the flowers and to the tree on the left side of the page.
Again I pulled out two of my bird photos and displayed them for everyone to see.

This is the back of the previous page.  First I printed out a page of various bird eggs.  I tore it and added some of it to the right side of the page.  Then I tore a page from a vintage pharmacy register that I purchased from the Etsy shop, The Little Art Studio, owner Rebecca Stewart.  I tore it in half and adhered it to the left side of this page.  I love this bluebird picture that I cut from one of my recycled calendars and glued it over the pharmacy page.  I glued gold paper over a chipboard letter "B: and added it to the bottom of the page.  Then I attached three buttons to the spine of the "B".  I used my calligraphy brush pen to finish
writing "Birds" across the page.  I attached three faux postage stamps, a feather, and four flowers to the page.  Finally I added a photo I took of a little Sparrow that had gathered materials for nest making in his mouth.  He was just outside my studio door.  I added this information just below the photo.

Monday, May 11, 2015

I Corinthians 13 Collage

 This collage measures 20" X 16".  I had such fun working on this piece.  It was everything I love:  tearing paper, painting, gluing, cutting, writing and using washi tape.  I am determined to use more words of faith in my art work.  I started by painting the canvas with gesso.  I then added some magenta, ochre and sky blue (Heavy Body Acrylic paints by Dina Wakely) randomly around the canvas.  I wrote 1 Corinthians 13 on vellum.  Then I tore
 the vellum piece into pieces and glued them randomly around the canvas.  I used a stencil and sprayed ink on it and moved it around the canvas.  I added torn pieces of decorative papers to the canvas.  I added two bright pink doilies and one ivory one diagonally across the center of the canvas.

Next I tore strips of decorative washi tape to several areas of the canvas.  I used a calligraphy brush pen to write the words: faith, hope and love on the canvas.
 I spritzed some magenta ink onto tissue papers, drizzled glue around on it and crushed it into three different pieces to add to one side of each heart.  I cut three hearts from some of my postcards I had purchased from 7gypsies.
After the tissue pieces dried, I added them to the hearts and trimmed them to fit.  Then I adhered the hearts to the doilies.  I sealed the canvas with a clear acrylic sealer, matte finish.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2nd page for Journal Soup 2

I've finally finished my second page in Kathryn Crane's Journal Soup 2.  I love doing these pages!  I learn something new about adding layers every time I work on a page.  The colors used on this page were red, pinks and a touch of blue.  Torn papers were laid down first and a light coat of paints applied.  While those dried, we worked on putting together little houses from various background papers.  Kathryn has some downloads with this class, but I had several background pages done with acrylics and cut my house from one of those.  The roof is cut from a photograph I took of a piece of dead wood I saw one day as I took my walk to the through our woods to the river.  I cut my door and windows from black washi tape that has white script on it.  When another coat of paint was applied, we wrote or drew pictures in the wet paint and let it dry.  After my page was finished, the only word visible was the "love" at the upper left side of the page.  Since I had written it in with a pencil, it was barely visible and I wanted it visible for this page.  I used my white Signo pen to write over the word to make it visible.  I stamped a few graphic watch images to the page and used a piece of a nerf gun to make the round circles that I later whited in with the Signo pen.  There are a few black "Xs" visible that were made with the opposite end of this piece.  I added contrasting pieces of washi tape to the lower left of the page and to the upper right of the page.  I added my house and used a black pen to outline on it.  I cut scallops from the painted paper I had made and added one long piece to top right side and a short piece to the lower right side.  I outlined these pieces with a black pen and added a black dot in each piece of the scallop.  I also drew in a scallop next to the left side of the house.  I used a black pen to draw it and highlighted it with the white Signo pen.  I cut words and numbers from a magazine and added these.  Beside each number I wrote with a black pen some of the things that a house/home are to me.  I added words to the house and one below the house.  I drew a few "flowers" to the right of the house.  I used the white Signo pen to draw circles around some of my graphics.  I also usedthe white Signo to draw groups of little "x's".  I used the black pen to outline my words and the numbers.
(For information about this class go to:

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Back of Round Robin Book

This is the back of my altered book for the 2015 round robin in our art club. I loved the ABC decorative paper.  I added a bread tag to the alphabet paper.  I added a piece of paper at the top to finish off the page.  Overlapping that, I added another piece that contained an area in which to write....looks like a postcard.  I wrote my name and blog on it and in the area to the left of the postcard I wrote "Define It!".  I cut out a small stamped tag that reads:  Journey.  Then I added a strip of botanical washi tape down the left side.  I am very pleased with my finished pages.  I really think from front to back all my art work shows the theme of this book.  Can't wait to see what all my art sisters put in it.  ")   Happy creating!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Alphabet/Define It!...another pg...

This is another sample in my Alphabet/Define It! altered book.  Instead of using words to describe "nest", I used pictures to describe it.  I tore a strip of painted paper and added the letters: n e s t.  I also added letters to spell NEST to the top of the page  I used the nest stickers from Cavallini to this page.  I then added strips of washi tape randomly around the page.  I used a yellow bread tab that had the words: "Use by" and a date on it.  (I guess I should have added "Going south" under that!  LOL)

I tried to show three options for working in my book, but each participant has artistic license as they portray their word, phrase or quote.  I am looking forward to this new year of our round robin and swaps.  ")

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New altered book: Alphabet/Define It!

 I altered Stampington's 2004 daily calendar that is filled with wonderful art work.  I had to tear out several of the pages (which I saved to use in other altered books").  This book will be for the 2015 Round Robin in my art club this year.   By the time this book comes back to me it will be bursting with art work from my art sisters in my art club.  Exciting!  I cut this bird from some Basic Grey papers that I have had for some time and just could not bear to cut.......time to get the scissors out and go to work.    I stamped one of my favorite alphabets on a panel and spritzed it with Tiger Lily ink by Tattered Angels.  I used a panel cut from text card stock and spritzed it with Dylusions' Dirty Martini and Blue Turquoise by Tattered Angels.  I used a strip of washi tape down the left side and attached the text panel to the front of the calendar book.  I layered the alpha panel with burgundy and attached it to upper left corner.  I cut the bird from the BG paper and adhered it to the right side of the cover.  I added a small panel with "Define It!" and layered it with burgundy cs, spritzed it with the TigerLily ink and attached it to the lower middle of the cover.  I added strips of gold washi tape randomly on the cover.  I swiped gold paint on a bread tab and added it to the right side of the cover.  I added a metal button to the upper right hand corner of the cover.  I tied two keys to the top of the wire spirals and also tied a bow with crunched burgundy bias tape to the top.

     On the inside of the cover I added two vellum envelopes.  I typed instructions and printed them out.  I cut around them and added them to a decorative panel, signed it and added it to the top envelope.  I tucked enough tags into the bottom pocket for my art sisters to decorate and sign for the pages they do in my book.  I wrote my name/address/phone number on a decorated tag and added it to the top of the right-hand page.  I added another vellum envelope to the bottom o the page.  I cut several small art pictures from a page I had torn out of the book.  I put them in the pocket and printed out instructions  to glue to the envelope.  These pictures are for my art sisters to choose from to decorate their tags.
 (art work by Karla Fuller)  I love the blue on this page.  I cut out various letters from card stock and used them to designate  each set of alphabet pages.  I made a sample of what I want in this book and attached it to the page on the right side.  I painted some adding machine tape ( as seen in Somerset Studio's July/Aug 2014 article:  "Cha-Ching Tape:  Mixed-Media Playtime by Cynthia Jerred) and tore a piece of it off to write the definition for ABSURD.  I used one of the pieces of art that contained that word to use as a visual aid.  I want definitions (DEFINE IT!) but also art work.

 This is a a better view of the painted

 This is the "H" that I used for this set of pages.  I used a quote for this page to show that the contributors can use not only words but also quotes or proverbs and then add art work for their visual aids.

This is the complete quote with my art work.  I used the painted tape again to cut out the house parts.  I love that the "H" stands not only for HOME but also for HEART.  Here again I used a bread tab.  It is the door to this tall house.  For some reason I am drawn to the numbers on the tags and love to use these tabs in many places in my art work.  I especially like to use them in art journals.

(I have one more word that I want to do.....just one word but lots of pictures and art work.  I'll post it when finished.....before I send my book on it's adventure.  ").

Monday, January 5, 2015

Documented Faith

 I'm joining Stephanie Ackerman and her Documented Faith group this year.  It is all about growing in your faith.  Using words of faith in your art work and learning your strengths in Christ.  We are using a Moleskin daily calendar for our journals.
I placed a strip of washi tape down the opening side of my journal because I haven't decided yet whether or not I'm going to decorate the front.
 Each page is edged with colorful washi tape to make them stronger.  A year of turning these pages is bound to cause some wear and tear.  I think it is gorgeous!
The first word that Stephanie sent to us was TRUTH.
Yeah......I wrote down Trust......and AFTER I worked on my page this week, then I noticed it was Truth.  So,
I'm not in sinc with everyone else.  But, I did have a good week of Bible study.  ")

I love this little card.  I've got to check my Etsy order and see who sent it.  I've ordered so many things lately that I can't remember.  I'll be back to update this post when I figure that out.  ")  (I've got ideas of making myself a deck of cards in a similiar of  my addictions is altering playing cards.  ")  You can see some of my altered cards at:

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Smash book pgs 11 - 14

 I don't even know how long I've had the page on the right.  Those two little girls having their tea party is so like my little girls playing with their friends when they were little.  I tore that page out of a magazine and kept it for years.  I also had saved various tea bag pouches hoping to use them some day in an art project.
 I decided to glue them across the pages and make tags with "tea" quotes on them.  Each tag has a ribbon tied in the end to make it easy to pull out of the pouch and read the quote.  I cut the blue coffee cup from one of our coffee bags.
Here I pulled out two tags to show how I put the quotes on the tags.  I also saved numerous Stevia and Truvia pouches to glue to the pages.  I also have several tea-themed rubber stamps that I used on these pages.

I am not through with this book yet.  (**)  I have a page with a horse on it and I'm looking through photos to find some of our daughters with their horses when they were young.  Also, I have another page that says "You have bright ideas"........trying to come up with an idea for that page!  LOL

Smash book pgs 9 & 10

 I dedicated two pages to my honey.  The page on the right is full of hearts and Valentine sentiments.  On the left side is my story of our meeting, school years, wedding date, children and gkids.  "Opposites Attract" is the most appropriate tag for us!  I added some hearts that I cut out of magazines.

      I love these pages!!!  When I saw the title "Man, You're Cool" it brought to mind my little grandson's (Jacob's) favorite thing to say.  He's the one in the upper right corner.  The photo on the bottom of that page is his sister. (Emma).   At the top on the left is Emma and her best friend Addy.  At the bottom of that page is my co-teacher for Sunday School (Deidra) and I.  We were wearing our "shades" at our yearly block party.  We did face painting for all the little children that came.

Smash pgs 7 & 8

 This guy is really trying to look French.....maybe he is.....but I thought he was funny!  LOL   I had cut out the word EXPLORE and thought this was the perfect page for it.  At the bottom is a photo of Pat, myself, Judi and Susan on our way to the flea market at Clignancourt.  The flea markets were our favorite thing to do while there.  ")  We were actually able to go to a street one for the neighborhood where we stayed.  It was such fun.
I used these two pages to collage photos of people, places and things on our trip there.  On the right side I put 10 of my Favorite Things in Paris and surrounded it with a few photos.

Pages in Smash book.....

 The line across the middle of these pages just begged for somersaulting clowns.  ")  I love this little stamp.  I got it in an art trade at one of our stamp club meetings a few years ago.  I cut out the ferris wheel, the ticket and the "Circus" word from the front of a toy magazine.  The little clown holding the lollipop is another Mary Engelbreit figure.  The unicycle just seemed to go along with the clowns.
 This page had a picture of a man on the left and the word adore on the page.  I ended up putting photos of the grandchildren, magazine images and stamped images and layered over them with Tim Holtz tiny film strip.
I placed a "to do" list on this page and wrote out several things that I'm always saying I'd like to do.  Like the trip to Paris with the art group.  Had to add the Eiffel Tower.  Judi and I thought we would not even go there.  Then we ended up going to the top floor!  It was a great adventure.  ")
     I loved our neighborhood.....the 5th Arrondisement or the Latin Quarter as it is known.  And Notre Dame is there.  WAY across town is Sacre Couer at Montmarre.  We would just jump on the Metro and go any place we wanted.  Fabulous way to travel.  Being from a small town and never having lived in a large city where the subway is the way to go was quite a treat for us.

Smash book (?)

 I've had this Smash book for 2 years....  yes, I know it's supposed to be a fast paced little book to slap things down with a little glue and move on along.  BUT every time I turned a page, my head was filled with all kinds of ideas of wonderful ways to decorate it.  Soooo, it has taken me two years to get this far.  Yeah....I'm not though yet.
Mary Engelbriet is one of my favorite artists.  I love all the dear children she draws and all the wonderful quotes she puts with her art work.  I used "Running Away From Home" (upper left) because I feel like I've run away from everything when I'm involved with my art.  I also used this perky little girl next to the chair to invite everyone in for look.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Christmas Baby.......

 Christmas presents crowded around Sharla's tree.  Chris and Sharla were our hosts for our family Christmas Eve Eve get together.  And there were still more to come!
 But this is the best present!  This little guy (and he WAS little) was born the day after Christmas in 2006.......three months early.  He weighed 2.7lbs and was 15" long.  His mother had been told not to expect him to live.  Many, many prayers went up across this land.  God really gave us a miracle!  He is sooooo healthy, vibrant and active!  We always celebrate his birthday at our Christmas gatherings and thank God for giving him to us.  We stop each day to look at him and think what a miracle he is.  But we also look around at our other grandchildren and thank God for such a beautiful healthy bunch of kids.
     Birthday donuts were Jacob's choice to celebrate his birthday this year.  Thank you, Livi Lee's for a job well done!  Yum!


Yeeah........started to post this on Dec. 4 and then was interrupted.  Just noticed I had a draft and clicked on it to see what it was.  My December 365 calendar!  Only 20 days late getting it posted!  LOL  Oh, well.  It's done.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas time! Christmas time!

 Nana has been a busy little elf!  LOL  Oh, my!  You've heard the phrase: "don't bite off more than you can chew"?  Well, here proof that I did just that!  The envelopes were filled with money for the gkids.  And, of course, I JUST HAD to decorate them.  ")  The decorated tags are for the "stocking buckets" shown below.  And they are the ones for the gkids.  The plain manila shipping tags with names and one sticker are for all the adults because this little elf ran out of time!  LOL
     The buckets shown here are in place of all the stockings everyone has hung at home.  We go a little crazy with stocking stuffers!  LOL  So, our youngest daughter saw these cute buckets while running through Dollar Tree on one of here shopping sprees and grabbed enough for our whole immediate family (plus one girl friend of our oldest grandson).  We usually stuff and stuff items into stockings until you just can't get one more thing into them.  Then we start little piles of gifts under the appropriate stocking, and, needless to say, things get a little mixed up and wild and crazy.  So Ru thought this bucket idea would be a great remedy to all that craziness.  And she was right!  But I decided I would make cute tags to go one each bucket.  ")  Well, at least the gkids got their's done.  Everyone was crazy about this idea except our leader (who hates change) ......known as Papaw to all his family.  ")  We had our family gathering last night (Christmas Eve Eve) so gkids could go to the other grandparents for tonight.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Card holders

 Christmas time!  Busy days!  I give lots of gift cards at Christmas.  Our grandchildren are always excited to have money to spend after Christmas and we give them lots of gift cards..... large and small.  From the six year old to the 17 year old, they love it!  Well, even the adults love it!  LOL  I measured a gift card and decided how much paper to cut for total length and where to make the folds.  I had seen a die to cut these out but decided I could make my own pattern.  It turned out really well.
       I gathered as many "Christmasy" papers as I could find and started cutting and folding.  I decided to put a contrasting color on the flap.  I also had these wonderful little labels from Jenni Bowlin that I used for the front.  That allows me a place to write the name of the recipient.  After the gift cards go in,  I have little gold-seal stickers to hold the envelope closed.  Needless to say, I'm very excited and pleased with this project!  (Now, on to tags for our "over-flow" buckets.  We all have stockings but we usually end up with little piles of goodies that wouldn't fit into the stockings.  So this year we have little red, green and blue buckets to put the over-flow into.  I'm making tags for the buckets.  Happy times!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Photo Album for Etsy Shop

 I've been dying to get started on my little journals or photo albums for my Etsy shop (inkybrustudio.......of course!)  I wanted to make a cute, interesting, beguiling little book that would make someone want to hold it and open it up to see what surprises were inside.  I also needed to keep the cost down so customers would not flip out at an exorbitant price.  I think I have done that......well, there are some things I'd like to change, but there are other albums brewing in my mind.  ")
 You will notice that I have edged all around each page with washi tape.  I think this give a real finished look to my pages.  I actually used recycled, light-weight cardboard as the base of each page and covered it with decorative papers on both sides before adhering the washi tape all around.  I love using vellum envelope pockets for photo albums.
 I tried to make different pockets for each page (although I did use the vellum on more than one page").  The left side has a double pocket as you can see with the inserts I added.  I did make a Christmas tag for the book and if the buyer chooses to give the book as a gift, they have a tag to use.  ")
I also added some vellum pages in between some of my pages for photos to be glue-dotted or taped to them.  Just gives more places to add photos.  I don't know if I'll have time to make another one before my cut off date.......
which is Dec. 15.  This is Thanksgiving week and then the madness of Christmas shopping for gifts for family and friends begins.  But, oh! I love it!!!!!  Enjoy your families and a great dinner together.  ")
Of course, you can go to my shop on Etsy and see other pages for this book and also other items I have for sale........and, yes, there will be BLACK FRIDAY items!