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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Journal Soup 2 - Pg 1

Kate Crane has a new online class.  If you aren't acquainted with her work, go over to The KathrynWheel and see what she offers.  I had already taken Journal Soup 1 with her and learned so much about laying down color on my art journal pages.  I like painting with my fingers (well, I use brushes, too ") and was pleased to see that she used her fingers in that first class, too.  For this class, Kate uses the color wheel to give an idea of complimentary colors and those that contrast.  Laying down color and blending it with other complimentary colors is really a great lesson to learn in getting beautiful, vibrant pages.  I love the process of layering on designs and images to create a page.  I've just finished page 1 in this class.  And, of course, I ran into many barriers around here as I tried to work on this page.
Kate used a lego block to create some dots on her page.  So I scoured the grandsons' toy box to grab one........not one lego!  I had small suitcases full of legos around here when the girls we small...........evidently some of the grandsons have taken them to their homes.  Soooo, I found a piece broken off one their sponge bullet launches and used it.  It had an extended piece that looked like an X out on the end.  My little red dots are made with it.  When I loaded it too heavily with paint, it printed out as a circle.  So, I have some circles and some Xs.  ")  Included in this class are downloads of textured surfaces that Kate has photographed.  I used one of the textured surfaces as my fence.  And at the end as I started to print out my sentiment for the page, no ink!  I didn't want to make a trip into town to buy more ink last night, so I hand printed it out on paper and cut it into strips to attach it to the page.  Kate added butterflies to her page at then end.  Since I had written "love" on my house, I added a few hearts with words added.
(Kate also shows a variety of houses to make in this video.)  Come over and join us in this adventure.  The class can be done at your own pace.  It took me two days to go through the first gets hectic around here!  I often have to run up to the local school and grab my two youngest grandsons.  It's easy to pick back up where I've left off and continue the class., don't take my word for it, see Kate's blog today:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

365Calendar - September

Autumn is just around the corner!   My favorite season.  I can already smell the cool autumn air.  LOL   Well, maybe tomorrow morning I'll be able to smell it.  Our weather report says that we'll have a Canadian front moving through here late this afternoon and it's going to cool us down.  We'll be 90 degrees by lunch and by 6pm, we'll be about 70.  Woohoo!!!!  getting out my sweaters today!!!
     I'm not quite through with this calendar.  I'm wanting it to have a "back to school" theme.  Seems like I'm trying to wrap up so many projects this month that I just keep going back and forth from one to another.  I swear I have adult ADD.  Sometimes I can't keep my focus.  I hate that!  I like to sit down with a project and really spend some time on it to make it the best I possibly can.  I'm not happy when I feel like I'm throwing something together because it has to be done.  But, hey, life does get in the way and you just have to keep going.  Which is a good thing!  Could be a different ending...............

365Calendar - August

This is July finished.  Wow!  I find that I'm never ready for a month to end and prepare for a new one.  ")  I guess time does fly when you're having fun!  LOL
Here is my August calendar.  I really had the feeling that summer was nearing an end.  We have had a very unusual summer.  Very few 100 degree days and lots of rain.  Very weird for Oklahoma......but nice!  I used a beach theme for this calendar.  Although I have not had a bathing suit on for years!  (**)

365Calendar- June and July

This is my finished June calendar.  Oh my!  This makes me feel like the year is flying by!  I love doing this "lazy journaling".  ")  If you haven't tried it,
jump in!  It's so easy to jot down a few things from the day or just one item.  I love looking back over the months and seeing some of the happenings going on in my family and with friends and art associates.

For July I went all out Red, White and
blue!  I painted my background and then
added strips of music torn from a copy of the Star Spangled Banner.  I picked out reds and blues for the majority of the squares for each day of the month.  And, of course, I had to add some firework blasts!  LOL

Friday, August 29, 2014

Faces #6 and 7

 I was probably more pleased with this face than any other I have drawn so far.  I started using my Copic markers to get the face coloring and shadows.  I also quit using the Stabilo Alls pencil because it smears so easily.  I am happier with the results.
I love this one!  I used raw umber and white to get the coloring right.  She looks so pleasant.....
or maybe just pleased with herself.  I've got to get with it and do another face!  I'm loving this challenge.  ")

Faces 4 and 5

 I thought this face had a sweet look to it.  I did my background in green, so I had to gesso in the area for her face and neck.  (I had gessoed the whole page first.)  I really didn't want her face to be green.  ")  The hair leaves a lot to be desired, but that just means I get to practice, practice, practice.  LOL
Face #5 ended up rather a mess.  I had spritzed some color ink across the page.  Once I started trying to make shadows with a slightly wet paint brush and was pulling the lines in from my Stabilo Alls pen, it began to smear really badly.
Bless her little heart.......I'll have to try her again without spray inks.  ")

Masterboard Published

 This is Stampington's Take Ten Autumn 2014 issue.  I'm very excited to have my masterboard published in it!  I love going to the mail box and finding that I've received one of their magazine's with some of my art work in it.  This page shows the masterboard and one of the cards that I made with a panel cut from it.  
This page shows three more cards with panels cut from the masterboard.  I love making master- boards.  I never know what the finished work will look like when I start a piece.  Thank you Stampington for allowing me to be part of your publication!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dina Wakely

 July 25 and 26 my friend Judi and I went to Oklahoma City to take some art journal classes with Dina Wakely.  Our first class was drawing faces.  The first thing she had us do was draw a face.  This was my "before" Dina Wakely gave us any guidelines.  I'm so glad I took this class!  Within three hours she had us drawing faces........
for real!  She is a great teacher and her humor is priceless!
 We painted our journal pages and did some stencil work before we began to draw.  We did some preliminary work on scraps.  Dina helped us align the eyes nose and mouth.  She gave us great tips for the eye brows and nose alignment.
After she worked with us, it seemed such a simple thing, but I had never even tried faces in any of my art work.  This lady was drawn over the green paint.  Therefore my sentiment:  "She was green with envy".  ")
The hair on this lady really has a blue tint in real life.  We used a Stabilo Alls pencil to do our drawing.  We then wet - lightly - a blending brush and the lines became our shadows.  It's still taking practice, practice, practice!  Dina told us that if we committed to 100 faces, we would be surprised at our progress.  I have done seven so far and will be posting more later.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Collaboration Art Journal Pages

 This image is one from Lynne Perrella.  The quote is from one of the many fortune cookie papers I keep.  The paint on this paper is also a paint-palette smear.  I love this washi tape.  It reminded me of of cherries.  I decided to color in a few of the circles on the image.  I also added some Nailheads to this page.
I used a twig to make the silhouette on this page.  I spritzed some red Glimmer Mist around it.  I drew on the ties that hold the tiny birds (Character Constructions).  I used my bicycle washi tape across the bottom of this page.  This quote is from J.M. Barrie:
"The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have faith, and faith is to have wings.  I added Nailheads to one of the bicycles and to the top of the page.

Art Journal Pages collaboration

For these pages I decided to keep them in a red/black/white theme.  I also decided to use some of my washi tapes on each page.  The stamp I used on this page is by Deep Red.  I have used lots of rubber stamps over the past 20 years and I am convinced that red rubber makes the best impressions.  Now, I love my clear acrylic stamps and I have many wood mounted rubber stamps that I use quite often.  I just lean toward the red rubber because of the detail.  Isn't this lady just fabulous?!!!  The quote here is:  "each day has limitless possibilities and adventure ahead for you".   I thought that just suited this image.  I used red acrylic paint and brushed several swipes across the page leaving lots of white space.  The writing is much more difficult to read here that IRL.  I used two types of washi tape on this:  wide red floral tape and the black/white lines tape.  My accents are black Nailheads.

The red splotches on this page were made with left-over paint I had on a piece of palette paper.  I simply laid it on this page and gently pulled it across the page.  Next I used a ruler and a black pen to make the lines on the page.  This image is also by Deep Red rubber stamps.  I stamped her on scrap, cut her out and adhered her to the page.  I used a dictionary definition for "love" to add to this page.  The stamped sentiment is from Cat's Life Press.  I added two strips of red "ruler" washi tape side by side down the left side of the page.  I also added black Nailheads to this page.

The bird on wheels image is also from Cat's Life Press.  I used red washi tape with a musical score across it for the bird to "sit" on.  I also cut out a bird from some red scrap paper (with guitars on it) and placed it on some definition washi tape.  I stamped Song Bird using my Image Tree antique alphabet.  I drew wavy lines to write my quote on.  I love this quote!  (but I'm a "quote fanatic"!)  LOL  "The woods would be silent if no birds sang except those that sing best."  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

In the Studio at last!

 I was so excited to get a few days to play at my art table.  My art club is doing a monthly swap this year with altered cabinet cards/post cards.  I had this postcard of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with their wild bunch.  I sent this one to Sara and she wrote back, "I did not know they had posed for a photo.  They look like bankers..... wait, they were "bankers".....robbers of banks!"  The "wild bunch" label is the thing that triggered my image of them in party hats.  The cap is from a Miller Life and reads:  "High Life".  I'm sure they thought they were living the high life.......very short life, as it turned out.
      I also worked on Sara's art journal pages.  There are five of us from our art club living in the Tulsa area.  Well, were five of us.  Sara and family moved to Minneapolis due to her daughter's health.  I miss her terribly, but we keep in touch through emails and art exchanges.  Sara and I have been working in art journals for a few  years now and always wanted the art club to get into this obsession with us!  ")  This year the five of us decided to do our own collaboration with art journals.  Each one sent the others pages to be done for their art journal.  We have until this fall to finish these pages......well, before the holidays begin with Thanksgiving.  I finished the ones for Sara last week.  This one features the butterfly.  I wrote the quotation from Buckminster Fuller in English on the purple page and then did a computer translation into French to write on the card that I tucked into the ruffled cheese cloth across the bottom of the page.  I had used this cloth to wipe up the paints on my craft sheet and decided to use it on the page.

 For this page I used three different colors of  acrylic paints to make the background.  I used black Staz On ink to stamp the alphabet at the upper right.  I also stamped circles and stars randomly on the page.  I love this quote that I wrote around a circle I had drawn on the page: "It takes a long time to grow an old friend."  John Leonard.  I had this clock face in a pile of stuff on my table and thought it was perfect for this page.  I also had a round tag lying there and added it to the top.  The white strips are the dividers that go between the postage stamps on the booklets that we buy at the post office.  I also added some black nail heads to the page.

The quotation I wrote on this page reminds me of my father telling us that there are two kinds of learning: "book learning and life learning.  Both are necessary, but life skills will get you through."  This one says:  "Much learning does not give you understanding".  I think raising three girls proved that to me!  I used black ink to stamp the moon at the bottom of the page and the circles randomly on the page.  I also stamped part of the alphabet at the lower right side of this page.  I added the pocket with the star on it and made tags with words/definitions to go inside.  I had stenciled stars on the background before I added anything else.                                                                               If you haven't tried art journaling, sit down, paint a page or cover it with pretty papers or just doodle.  Look around your table or desk and pick up a few things and glue them down.  Maybe you'll have one of those "aha!" ideas and a thought or quote will pop into your mind.  Add that to your page and you'll be surprised how well you like it!  And you're the only one that has to like it!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What happened to April and May???

 Well, here's my proof that I WAS around for April and May!  LOL  I am so glad that I decided to do the 365 Calendar pages with Kate Crane this year.  I have been so busy running to and fro with family that it has been hard to find time to sit at my art table or to write on my blog.  But here are my April calendar pages completely filled in!  Some people call this "the lazy journaler".  And it IS a journal.  Each day you journal something that you really remember from the day.....maybe it was simply "nothing happening today" or maybe it's "this was the best day ever!"   Whatever you jot down is there for you to browse in later days.  Great way to jot down funny, happy, sad or just very memorable days.
     And, here is May.....once again running with family.....or in this case, flying.  My cousin and I flew to Albuquerque to help her daughter set up the nursery for their first baby.  We were back home exactly one week and she delivered a healthy baby girl one month early.  Tiny little Mikayla weighed in at 4lb and 12oz.  She is now home with Mom and Dad.  We are all so excited for this sweet family.  ")
     I'm hoping to have more time on my blog this month.  Hope to be back here soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Published in Stampers' Sampler Spring 2014

For Spring break, I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to watch my grandson and his team (Charles Page High School SANDITES) play baseball.  When I arrived home, I found the Spring 2014 Stampers' Sampler lying on my art table.  I had six cards published!  Three of them are in the DPOV (Different Point of View) section.  It is always exciting to me to find that I have anything published in one of Stampington's fine magazines.  I photograph my art work before I send it off and as I look back over the photographs I often find myself thinking that none of them were of a quality to be published.  It is always a very pleasant surprise to see them actually in print!  Thank you, Stampington, for giving so many of us an opportunity for that 15 seconds of fame!  LOL

April 2014 Calendar page

My goodness!  It really is April!!!  When those cold winds were blowing the first part of March, April seemed to be a very faint vision of the future.  ")  But, here we are!  Daffodils are blooming, the blue birds are nesting, and gardens are being plowed.  I love this time of year, a time of renewal.  Our spirits need some encouragement after a loonnngggggg  winter.  My spirit soars when I take my daily walk to the river and see all the green popping out from the trees and tiny woodland flowers.  I find myself singing:  "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"  How wonderful to be alive in Spring!

March 2014 Finished!

What happened to this month???!!!  Wow, I know I'm getting older and time seems to be whizzing by, but this month just disappeared on me!  The beginning of the month was so cold...... schools even closed.  Yesterday, the last day of March 2014, it was 77 degrees here in Oklahoma!  I've got itchy fingers that want to get outside and dig in the garden and flower beds!  LOL  Loving this sunshine!  Happy Spring everyone!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Journal Soup

 I viewed a video by Kate Crane over the weekend called "Journal Soup".  I loved every minute of it!  She gives so many great ideas to help one be ready to sit down and make an art journal page in a very short time.  I was so inspired that I went directly to my art table as soon as I finished viewing her video.  (You can visit her blog: and the link to learn all about the video and how to purchase it to view is on the right side of the page near the top.)  I have never put so many colors on a page!  She shows you how to blend them together and add interesting bits and pieces to enhance the page.  On this first one, I added my bits and pieces from a bag of goodies that I keep as additions to pages.  I told Kate that I was going to call it my "Journal Soup Bag".  ")  I gathered up anything that looked like it would make an interesting mark on the page and began to take things out of my bag.......and soon I had a page done!
     I decided to draw the little angels on the second page.   (Kate had drawn some on one of her pages.)  I'm not comfortable drawing, but if I don't keep at it, I'll never be comfortable with it.  I think I'm learning not to be overly concerned with the idea that it has to be just right before continuing on.  I had found a small piece of music in my bag and added some acrylic inks to it before cutting it into strips.  I stenciled the pocket I made, added some credit card marks, a strip of washi tape and a word.  The words are actually from one of the magnetic collections that were so popular about 15yrs ago.  I was very, very happy with the pages I made.  Needless to say, I have several more ready to add detail and journaling.  If you've been a little nervous about jumping in to this world of art journaling go to Kate's blog and look at some of her work and maybe you'll be inspired to have a go with the video.  Happy creating!

March Calendar

 This is the beginning of my March layout.  I say the beginning because I know I will add more detail throughout the month.
This is a closer view of the end of the month.  I am so ready for Spring! as I am sure the rest of the nation is.  What a winter!  We have had more near 0 and below 0 degree weather this winter than I've seen in years.   (and, yes, I AM old enough to say that!!!  LOL)  The butterfly and the flower in her hair  are signs of Spring that I hope to see very soon!  Happy journaling!

February's over???

Yep, February is gone???  I can't believe how fast the month left us behind!  LOL  I finished the month writing about my trip to Nashville with my three daughters to see my granddaughter.  (daughter of my youngest daughter, Ru).  I thought I had lots of time to work on my new calendar.  Well, I actually had the base done and blocks on, but I so wanted to add more detail.  My February layout has changed since I first posted it.  Seems like I can't help but add some more detail as I write in daily details.  I love doing this!   Such a great way to make note of those little things that get lost in the daily living.  Try it!  Just go to and sign up.  You've got the rest of the year ahead of you!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Feb. Calendar: thekathrynwheel

This is the calendar spread I made for February.  I used a sepia ink and a brush to put down some color.  Then I usd a sepia Copic marker to write a love letter.  (The ink ran out before I finished and I had to switch to a brown pen.)  Next I tore some pink/silver glittered paper and added the pieces randomly around the pages.  Then I used a red pen and a ruler and drew dash lines diagonally across each page.  I drew some hearts around the page and used my rubber stamps to add some hearts and sentiments.  I cut my squares and placed them on the pages.  I had some old-fashioned dolls stamped on a scrap that I cut out and placed in various places over the pages.  I used a blank ticket to write on and glued it beside the heart frame that contains the "February" heart at the top of the page on the left side.  I added a stamped doll and metal heart to the ticket.  I added an "inchie" to the bottom the page on the left and a tag with "Ms. Wren" ( stamped on it to the bottom of the page on the right side.  I attached a red puffy heart to the February title.   As a final effort, I added wings to the heart at the upper left side of the left page and then wrote "The heart can do anything" in several places around the pages.  I am so enjoying this project!  I have been able to keep up with my January calendar thus far.  I do pray I can be faithful with this project all through the year.  It is challenging to decide which colors for the pages and which paper designs to use for the journal squares.  Join us!  (go to: and look for the calendar pages on the left side of her blog.)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Inside pages to Altered Calendar Book

I also altered the inside front cover and the first page of this book.  There were beautiful butterflies painted on the inside cover......just little brush painted outlines, but lovely.  I doodled inside the open spaces of the wings and then wrote "butterfly, flutterby" randomly around the page.  I had this lovely French General tag and decide to use it as my book plate.  The card in the upper right corner has a quote from Alice in Wonderland "How does one become a butterfly," she asked pensively.  "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."   I love this quote!  I believe it is one of my favorite from the book because I see myself so very much in it.  I want to do so many daring things with my art but feel so comfortable where I am.  Do I really want to fly???  Hmmmm.......  I added a stamped butterfly to the top of the book plate.  In the lower left corner I added a cut out of a bird's nest with eggs and placed a cut out of the girl with a heart just above the nest.  (Home is where the heart is!)  I used my red ink pen and outlined it several times.  In the lower right corner I added the British post office letter box (just because my heart is SO British!  LOL)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The next page had 12 squares, each an artist work in itself, that I altered.  It was so much fun deciding how to alter each of these tiny squares.  I love working on little spaces.  (I recently saw a post on about one of her tiny journal pages.  I love tiny journals and have one that I will post when I finish with it.)  I am so ready for this round robin to begin!  Can't wait to see the finished product.  ")  Be creative!  Do something today!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Altered Book Round Robin

 I've altered a daily calendar book for the round robin that my art club is doing this year.  This was a Somerset calendar so it had lots of artwork in it.  I removed those pages and left the ones that had lots of blank spaces on them for my artist friends to add their own artwork.  I used a sheet of 9"X 6" watercolor paper for the front of the book.  I used lime green and aqua watercolor paints to add the background color.  I left several white spaces.  For the main image, I tore the front from a card that I had purchased.  I edged the card with sepia ink.  I added a brad containing a bicycle image to the piece before adhering it to the front.

I added three squares containing the letters to spell out "art"; below that I added the word "journal" cut from magazine text.  I then added a decorative brad below that.  I cut additional words and phrases from a magazine and added them to the front.  I added three words to another square and added it to the upper right hand corner.  I used a ink pen to outline each word or set of words.  I glued ribbon to the left side of the watercolor paper; then I made a bow from the same ribbon, secured it with a brad and glued it to the top of the ribbon.  I left the stripes showing next to the coil that binds the book together.
For the back, I used a few of the new Cirque stamps from Catherine Moore.  (Go to to view her complete line).  I used the back of the purchased card to make a panel on which to stamp the tent.  I used squares and circles to stamp the images for the back of the book.  I outlined many of these.  I did not completely cover the back of the book but left several images open.  I randomly added washi tapes to the front and back.  The sentiment stamp is from Stampabilities.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


If you haven't tried a masterboard, you are missing out on a combination of journaling, art, and just playing around.  ")   I've done several of these and one was even published in the Stampers' Sampler (can't remember off hand which one....I'll have to get back to you on that").  For this one, I used colored chalks to make the colorful background.  Then I wrote about two seasons:  summer and autumn.  My first thought was written in ink and the second one was done with a Sharpie marker.  I had left lots of space between the lines to add the second set of words.
Next I used a black cray-pas to draw the little houses.  Then I used my rubber stamps and a black ink pad to stamp the little hearts and the birds.  I used a white pen to highlight the left side of the heart.  Finally I stamped the little tree on a separate sheet of card stock, tore them out, and edged them with a dark brown ink pad.  I glued one next to each little house.  Now it's ready to be cut apart and used as backgrounds for cards, journal covers, ATCs, bookmarks, etc.  Go!  Have fun!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stampers' Sampler Valentine Issue 2014

Just received a notice from Stampington that I've got artwork published in the Valentine issue of The Stampers' Sampler!  I have no idea what will be showcased.  I send in dozens of cards and then I'm on to another project and can't remember what I've sent.  Sometimes they hold artwork to fit in with an upcoming issue or color scheme, so it could be months and months before something is chosen for publication.  But, needless to say, I'm excited!  Thanks for the notice, Tawyne!

(Just click on the image at the right side of the blog and you'll be taken to Stampington to view this newest publication of the Stampers' Sampler.)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Calendar pg

I have joined the Kathryn Wheel (Kate Crane) to do the 2014 Calendar.  I love, love, love painting pages for journals and this is considered the "lazy person's calendar journal".  LOL  What a great way to keep track of little things that happen each day.  The squares on Kate's calendar are 1 1/2" squares.  I did mine 1 3/4" X  1 1/2".  I have trouble writing too much and

thought that 1/4" would help me out!  LOL  I started out to make mine look a little Asian, but, due to life happenings, it was not going to happen before I needed to get my "squares" down.  I did a little doodling and added some dots and stars.  I wrote "Happy New Year" numerous times on both pages.

Below is a closeup of some of my doodling.  The little horn for celebrating New Year's.  The star and the greeting.

I used the remains of a pop dot container to draw my dots.  I first colored them in with a black ink pen then went back over them with a red Prismacolor pen.

Another section with the dots.  I can't wait to make my other pages!  If you have not seen Kathryn's calendars, go to and feast your eyes on some glorious color!

Christmas Time

 The Christmas tree at my youngest daughter's house on Christmas Eve was truly surrounded by gifts.
 Christmas and kids.............the perfect combination!  All 7 of our grandchildren.
Our two 7 year-old grandchildren were thrilled to read the story of Jesus Born in Bethlehem.  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Second Advent Calendar

 This is the second calendar I made.  I tried to vary the colors a little from the first one I made and I didn't use as many number words on this one as the other.  This one if for my older grandsons.
 This close up shows a little more of the detail in the paper I used for the one and 2.
 Another close up of the decorative papers I used.
 Most of the papers that I used were from a Christmas theme collection, but I did have some from a "wintry" pack, too.
This view shows the back of the magnetic paper that I used.  I sandwiched the ribbon tab between the two papers to make it more secure.