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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Published in Stampers' Sampler Spring 2014

For Spring break, I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to watch my grandson and his team (Charles Page High School SANDITES) play baseball.  When I arrived home, I found the Spring 2014 Stampers' Sampler lying on my art table.  I had six cards published!  Three of them are in the DPOV (Different Point of View) section.  It is always exciting to me to find that I have anything published in one of Stampington's fine magazines.  I photograph my art work before I send it off and as I look back over the photographs I often find myself thinking that none of them were of a quality to be published.  It is always a very pleasant surprise to see them actually in print!  Thank you, Stampington, for giving so many of us an opportunity for that 15 seconds of fame!  LOL

April 2014 Calendar page

My goodness!  It really is April!!!  When those cold winds were blowing the first part of March, April seemed to be a very faint vision of the future.  ")  But, here we are!  Daffodils are blooming, the blue birds are nesting, and gardens are being plowed.  I love this time of year, a time of renewal.  Our spirits need some encouragement after a loonnngggggg  winter.  My spirit soars when I take my daily walk to the river and see all the green popping out from the trees and tiny woodland flowers.  I find myself singing:  "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"  How wonderful to be alive in Spring!

March 2014 Finished!

What happened to this month???!!!  Wow, I know I'm getting older and time seems to be whizzing by, but this month just disappeared on me!  The beginning of the month was so cold...... schools even closed.  Yesterday, the last day of March 2014, it was 77 degrees here in Oklahoma!  I've got itchy fingers that want to get outside and dig in the garden and flower beds!  LOL  Loving this sunshine!  Happy Spring everyone!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Journal Soup

 I viewed a video by Kate Crane over the weekend called "Journal Soup".  I loved every minute of it!  She gives so many great ideas to help one be ready to sit down and make an art journal page in a very short time.  I was so inspired that I went directly to my art table as soon as I finished viewing her video.  (You can visit her blog: and the link to learn all about the video and how to purchase it to view is on the right side of the page near the top.)  I have never put so many colors on a page!  She shows you how to blend them together and add interesting bits and pieces to enhance the page.  On this first one, I added my bits and pieces from a bag of goodies that I keep as additions to pages.  I told Kate that I was going to call it my "Journal Soup Bag".  ")  I gathered up anything that looked like it would make an interesting mark on the page and began to take things out of my bag.......and soon I had a page done!
     I decided to draw the little angels on the second page.   (Kate had drawn some on one of her pages.)  I'm not comfortable drawing, but if I don't keep at it, I'll never be comfortable with it.  I think I'm learning not to be overly concerned with the idea that it has to be just right before continuing on.  I had found a small piece of music in my bag and added some acrylic inks to it before cutting it into strips.  I stenciled the pocket I made, added some credit card marks, a strip of washi tape and a word.  The words are actually from one of the magnetic collections that were so popular about 15yrs ago.  I was very, very happy with the pages I made.  Needless to say, I have several more ready to add detail and journaling.  If you've been a little nervous about jumping in to this world of art journaling go to Kate's blog and look at some of her work and maybe you'll be inspired to have a go with the video.  Happy creating!

March Calendar

 This is the beginning of my March layout.  I say the beginning because I know I will add more detail throughout the month.
This is a closer view of the end of the month.  I am so ready for Spring! as I am sure the rest of the nation is.  What a winter!  We have had more near 0 and below 0 degree weather this winter than I've seen in years.   (and, yes, I AM old enough to say that!!!  LOL)  The butterfly and the flower in her hair  are signs of Spring that I hope to see very soon!  Happy journaling!

February's over???

Yep, February is gone???  I can't believe how fast the month left us behind!  LOL  I finished the month writing about my trip to Nashville with my three daughters to see my granddaughter.  (daughter of my youngest daughter, Ru).  I thought I had lots of time to work on my new calendar.  Well, I actually had the base done and blocks on, but I so wanted to add more detail.  My February layout has changed since I first posted it.  Seems like I can't help but add some more detail as I write in daily details.  I love doing this!   Such a great way to make note of those little things that get lost in the daily living.  Try it!  Just go to and sign up.  You've got the rest of the year ahead of you!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Feb. Calendar: thekathrynwheel

This is the calendar spread I made for February.  I used a sepia ink and a brush to put down some color.  Then I usd a sepia Copic marker to write a love letter.  (The ink ran out before I finished and I had to switch to a brown pen.)  Next I tore some pink/silver glittered paper and added the pieces randomly around the pages.  Then I used a red pen and a ruler and drew dash lines diagonally across each page.  I drew some hearts around the page and used my rubber stamps to add some hearts and sentiments.  I cut my squares and placed them on the pages.  I had some old-fashioned dolls stamped on a scrap that I cut out and placed in various places over the pages.  I used a blank ticket to write on and glued it beside the heart frame that contains the "February" heart at the top of the page on the left side.  I added a stamped doll and metal heart to the ticket.  I added an "inchie" to the bottom the page on the left and a tag with "Ms. Wren" ( stamped on it to the bottom of the page on the right side.  I attached a red puffy heart to the February title.   As a final effort, I added wings to the heart at the upper left side of the left page and then wrote "The heart can do anything" in several places around the pages.  I am so enjoying this project!  I have been able to keep up with my January calendar thus far.  I do pray I can be faithful with this project all through the year.  It is challenging to decide which colors for the pages and which paper designs to use for the journal squares.  Join us!  (go to: and look for the calendar pages on the left side of her blog.)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Inside pages to Altered Calendar Book

I also altered the inside front cover and the first page of this book.  There were beautiful butterflies painted on the inside cover......just little brush painted outlines, but lovely.  I doodled inside the open spaces of the wings and then wrote "butterfly, flutterby" randomly around the page.  I had this lovely French General tag and decide to use it as my book plate.  The card in the upper right corner has a quote from Alice in Wonderland "How does one become a butterfly," she asked pensively.  "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."   I love this quote!  I believe it is one of my favorite from the book because I see myself so very much in it.  I want to do so many daring things with my art but feel so comfortable where I am.  Do I really want to fly???  Hmmmm.......  I added a stamped butterfly to the top of the book plate.  In the lower left corner I added a cut out of a bird's nest with eggs and placed a cut out of the girl with a heart just above the nest.  (Home is where the heart is!)  I used my red ink pen and outlined it several times.  In the lower right corner I added the British post office letter box (just because my heart is SO British!  LOL)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The next page had 12 squares, each an artist work in itself, that I altered.  It was so much fun deciding how to alter each of these tiny squares.  I love working on little spaces.  (I recently saw a post on about one of her tiny journal pages.  I love tiny journals and have one that I will post when I finish with it.)  I am so ready for this round robin to begin!  Can't wait to see the finished product.  ")  Be creative!  Do something today!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Altered Book Round Robin

 I've altered a daily calendar book for the round robin that my art club is doing this year.  This was a Somerset calendar so it had lots of artwork in it.  I removed those pages and left the ones that had lots of blank spaces on them for my artist friends to add their own artwork.  I used a sheet of 9"X 6" watercolor paper for the front of the book.  I used lime green and aqua watercolor paints to add the background color.  I left several white spaces.  For the main image, I tore the front from a card that I had purchased.  I edged the card with sepia ink.  I added a brad containing a bicycle image to the piece before adhering it to the front.

I added three squares containing the letters to spell out "art"; below that I added the word "journal" cut from magazine text.  I then added a decorative brad below that.  I cut additional words and phrases from a magazine and added them to the front.  I added three words to another square and added it to the upper right hand corner.  I used a ink pen to outline each word or set of words.  I glued ribbon to the left side of the watercolor paper; then I made a bow from the same ribbon, secured it with a brad and glued it to the top of the ribbon.  I left the stripes showing next to the coil that binds the book together.
For the back, I used a few of the new Cirque stamps from Catherine Moore.  (Go to to view her complete line).  I used the back of the purchased card to make a panel on which to stamp the tent.  I used squares and circles to stamp the images for the back of the book.  I outlined many of these.  I did not completely cover the back of the book but left several images open.  I randomly added washi tapes to the front and back.  The sentiment stamp is from Stampabilities.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


If you haven't tried a masterboard, you are missing out on a combination of journaling, art, and just playing around.  ")   I've done several of these and one was even published in the Stampers' Sampler (can't remember off hand which one....I'll have to get back to you on that").  For this one, I used colored chalks to make the colorful background.  Then I wrote about two seasons:  summer and autumn.  My first thought was written in ink and the second one was done with a Sharpie marker.  I had left lots of space between the lines to add the second set of words.
Next I used a black cray-pas to draw the little houses.  Then I used my rubber stamps and a black ink pad to stamp the little hearts and the birds.  I used a white pen to highlight the left side of the heart.  Finally I stamped the little tree on a separate sheet of card stock, tore them out, and edged them with a dark brown ink pad.  I glued one next to each little house.  Now it's ready to be cut apart and used as backgrounds for cards, journal covers, ATCs, bookmarks, etc.  Go!  Have fun!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stampers' Sampler Valentine Issue 2014

Just received a notice from Stampington that I've got artwork published in the Valentine issue of The Stampers' Sampler!  I have no idea what will be showcased.  I send in dozens of cards and then I'm on to another project and can't remember what I've sent.  Sometimes they hold artwork to fit in with an upcoming issue or color scheme, so it could be months and months before something is chosen for publication.  But, needless to say, I'm excited!  Thanks for the notice, Tawyne!

(Just click on the image at the right side of the blog and you'll be taken to Stampington to view this newest publication of the Stampers' Sampler.)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Calendar pg

I have joined the Kathryn Wheel (Kate Crane) to do the 2014 Calendar.  I love, love, love painting pages for journals and this is considered the "lazy person's calendar journal".  LOL  What a great way to keep track of little things that happen each day.  The squares on Kate's calendar are 1 1/2" squares.  I did mine 1 3/4" X  1 1/2".  I have trouble writing too much and

thought that 1/4" would help me out!  LOL  I started out to make mine look a little Asian, but, due to life happenings, it was not going to happen before I needed to get my "squares" down.  I did a little doodling and added some dots and stars.  I wrote "Happy New Year" numerous times on both pages.

Below is a closeup of some of my doodling.  The little horn for celebrating New Year's.  The star and the greeting.

I used the remains of a pop dot container to draw my dots.  I first colored them in with a black ink pen then went back over them with a red Prismacolor pen.

Another section with the dots.  I can't wait to make my other pages!  If you have not seen Kathryn's calendars, go to and feast your eyes on some glorious color!

Christmas Time

 The Christmas tree at my youngest daughter's house on Christmas Eve was truly surrounded by gifts.
 Christmas and kids.............the perfect combination!  All 7 of our grandchildren.
Our two 7 year-old grandchildren were thrilled to read the story of Jesus Born in Bethlehem.  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Second Advent Calendar

 This is the second calendar I made.  I tried to vary the colors a little from the first one I made and I didn't use as many number words on this one as the other.  This one if for my older grandsons.
 This close up shows a little more of the detail in the paper I used for the one and 2.
 Another close up of the decorative papers I used.
 Most of the papers that I used were from a Christmas theme collection, but I did have some from a "wintry" pack, too.
This view shows the back of the magnetic paper that I used.  I sandwiched the ribbon tab between the two papers to make it more secure.

Advent Calendar?

Yep, that's what it is!  And it's in a tart pan!  I saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it.  I punched 2" circles from decorative papers and magnetic paper.  I stamped numbers and number words onto the the 24 circles.  Then I glued them to the magnetic paper.  The magnetic paper keeps the circles from sliding off the tart pan.  Inside each little cup I placed a sweet treat.  As you can see I also made a ribbon tab to make it easier for my grandchildren to lift up the circle to retrieve their treat for the day.  The count-down takes them to Christmas Eve.  The pan I saw on Pinterest had a hole at the top to allow for hanging.  I was unable to find one like that in our local stores.  I do not live in a large metropolitan area, so if you do, you may have no trouble finding one that you could hang.  My daughters have placed theirs on their dining room table to allow easy access for their children.  And, yes, they HAVE TO TAKE TURNS!  LOL  There are only two boys at each house, so every other day each one gets a treat.  ")

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Character Constructions Paris Tag Swap

 For the Paris Tag Swap in the Yahoo Group Character Constructions, we made 5 tags, kept one, and sent in the other 4 to be swapped out.  We will get 4 tags returned.  If you have not been on this site, you are missing some very creative art work.  I have been very impressed by these ladies and their work.  Go have a look:  In fact, join us!

This is the tag I kept for myself.  It was the first one I made and I felt like the others improved as I continued working on the tags.  Catherine Moore has so many wonderful art doll stamps and many, many additional stamps to compliment the dolls.  I have several, but certainly not all of her stamps.  ")  She also has an online store at:  I named this doll:  At the Eiffel Tower.  My set is named "Touring Paris".
 I used the same cardstock (from K & Co's Blue Awning collection) for the skirt.  I alternated between pink and a lavendar for the top and the envelope trim at the bottom.  The gold paper used on the tag was bought in Paris as was the burgundy ribbon (from la droguerie in La Halle). The Paris tape used down the left side of the tag is from Cavallini.
 Some of the dolls have pearls as embellishments on the ribbon and some rhinestones.
 I stamped the letters on glossy card stock and cut them out separately.  I outlined each letter with a red Copic marker.  I also used brown to edge the tag, blue to edge the envelopes and burgundy to edge the dresses.  I cut a wide, crinkled ribbon into strips to add the tie at the top of tag.
 Stamps I used from Character Constructions plates were:  the dress and "pour vous": Bird and Bee Paperie #6; the arms, Bird and Bee Paperie #11; the bird, Nature History #3; face, Inner Child #7; "ooh la la",  Paris post mark, and tiny Paris tag, French Laundry #6,
For the back of my tag, I used the reverse side from the card stock used for the skirt.  I stamped the back with a fluer de lis stamp by Inkadinkado.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Little Christmas Crafting

 My three girls and I had a great crafting day this past Saturday.  Just the four of us!  That hasn't happened for over 16 years!  We each worked on a wreath for our home.  I made this small one for my studio. Here you see it hanging on the door to my studio.
 I cut 100 strips of scrapbooking papers 1" X 6".  I used a flat foam wreathe base on which to pin the looped papers.  I found that it was easier to work with them if I taped the loop together before trying to pin it.  Otherwise, the loop kept uncurling.  This took quite some time to finish.  (But my daughter Ru made one from 500 coffee filters that took her nearly 5 hrs to make!  Turned out beautifully!)
This collection of paper is from French General, the Red Pack.  I love that they are double-sided, and, therefore they coordinate so well.  I only used about 6 papers, but because they are double-sided, it looks like I've used 12 different papers.  This wreathe base measured approximately 12".  I think if you used a 16-18", you would need to have about 300 strips of paper cut.  I used T-pins to secure them to the base.  The ones I used were actually too long.  Some of these pins stuck out of the back just enough to prick my fingers when I handled it.  If I make another one, I will look for shorter pins.  (If you're a seamstress/crafter and know of shorter ones, please contact me!  Thanks.)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Dress Banner: Finished!

I hung the dress banner on my bedroom wall above the futon.  Next week my bed will be underneath the banner.  Just couldn't wait to hang it up...........hmm, I may have to hitch it up a little higher.  Amazing how you don't notice those little things until after you posted your pic!  LOL  My first thought with the birds was, "Oh, no!  They look like antlers!"  I love them anyway and am so glad to have this project completed.  It is such a shame that so many of the projects I have started are boxed and put away or in drawers awaiting me to remember where I have put them!  LOL   After I rearrange my bedroom, I'll take another photo for an update.  ")

Birds Galore!

I decided it was time to think of a way to hang all those darling little dresses I had received in the last round robin for the art club I'm in.  I had seen a little clothes line with tiny black bird clips to hang things on.  Well, I searched and surfed until my vision was blurry and my hand going numb!  Couldn't find them on any of the sites I could remember visiting.  So I decided I'd just have to make something similar.  I had a few tiny bird cut-outs and thought they would be about right to put on the ends of clothes pins and that way my little dresses would have birds on their clothes line.  I used some of my alcohol inks and smeared them together on glossy cardstock.  Next I drew around some of the little birds to get a pattern going.  Then I decided to make one of the patterns with a scalloped tail.  I ended up with 9 dresses (3 of them my own design) and would need 18 clothes pins.  Therefore I had to have 36 birds.  I cut them out, being careful to have sets of birds facing each other.  Once I got them cut out, I attached them with glue dots to 1 3/4" mini clothes pins.  I wanted the clothes pins to be attached to the clothes line.  When I tied them to the "line", it just looked to messy and bulky, so I used a very strong clear glue and placed a dot of it in the recessed area of the pin and pressed the line down into it.  This process took a few days because I wanted to be very sure that it was dry and the pins very securely attached before I moved each pair aside to measure for the next pair of birds.

Halloween Tag for Sara

I love making things for people who appreciate them and Sara is one of those most appreciative ones.  I am fortunate enough to have a handful of those special friends.  I know Sara is crazy about Halloween, so I had been contemplating making something for her.  One day I received a surprise in the mail from Sara.........a Halloween art tag!  So it didn't take me long to get busy and work one up for her.  ")  I used this heavy silver cardstock that I had splattered with copper metallic paint as my base.  I love the stars and circles on a scrap I  had and cut a piece to go across the top of the tag.  I stamped a crow and perched him on top of that strip.  I decided to do Miss Pumpkin Head (Bird & Paperie No. 8, Catherine Moore's Character Constructions) as the main character.  I stamped her body on striped orange paper and cut it out.  Then I stamped her head on a light tan paper and cut it out.  I fashioned a bowtie from some black/white striped material (it's almost like organza but has a little polyester in it) and tied the pieces together with a thin orange ribbon.  I then gathered some and put it at her waist and added a thin strip of the orange ribbon.  I cut a small section of the orange tissue paper printed with spider webs and spiders (received from Sara) and pleated it for the skirt.  I stamped another crow (Madhatter's Tea Party plate #4, Catherine's CC stamps) and placed him on her arm.  I punched out the black fence and glued it to the bottom of the tag then positioned Miss PH on the tag.  Next I made a "HAPPY Halloween!" sign with purple background and attached it to the left side of the tag.  I tied a strip of the black/white material strip to the top of the tag.

More Halloween ATCs

 Another personal trade in the Halloween theme.  This little witch is my favorite face in all of Catherine Moore's Character Construction stamps.  I have really changed from only orange and black at Halloween to lots of purple and green.  ")  The clock face is cut from tissue paper that I received with another trade wrapped up in it.
I really do like the two shades of orange on this dotted paper.  I cut the bow for the cat from a piece of glitter tape I have.  And, of course, since the cat had a little glitter, I couldn't let the spider's web be drab and added some Stickles to it.  ")  This is for another personal trade.  As you can see, I've used so many of Catherine Moore's Character Constructions stamps.  They are so finely detailed and there so many to choose from!

Halloween ATC

I was in a very Halloweeny mood this month!  Sometimes the holiday just passes me by.  For some reason I just kept creating artwork that expressed those spooky and eerie images.  LOL  I did this piece for a personal trade and was very pleased the way it turned out.  I love that broom with the mask!  And this little darling bird is dressed up to go for a ride!  LOL  I printed the sentiment on the computer and cut it out to look like a sign. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Art Doll for Pat

This is the art doll I made for Pat.  Since it's almost Halloween, I just naturally had to use Catherine Moore's beautiful little witch (Bird & Paperie #20).  I think this little beauty has the sweetest face ever.  ")  I stamped the skirt (French Laundry #6) on acetate and placed it over tissue paper decorated with jack-o-lanterns, candy corn and orange stars.  I cut the tissue paper to fit the form of the skirt.  I stamped the bodice and the sleeves on watercolor paper I had made by squirting orange and brown and let it run together to make the dark lines.  (The moon was circle punch from a corner of the same paper.)  I stamped the collar and hat onto black paper and the face on a scrap of manila folder.  I attached the bodice to the skirt with a black mini-brad.  I also used these mini-brads to attach the arms.  The hands were also stamped on a piece of scrap manila folder and cut out and then glued to the ends of the sleeves.  I cut out the face and glued it to the cape/hat piece.  I also attached this to the top of the bodice with the black mini-brads.  I then added a row of the black mini-brads down the front of the bodice to mimic buttons.  I added an orange flower cut from the watercolor paper to the brim of the hat with another mini-brad.  I stamped the candelabra and the bat on more scrap manila paper with black ink.  I cut these out and glued the candles to one hand and tied the bat with black thread and attached it to the remaining hand.  I then stamped the "spooky tree" (Nature Study Plate #1) onto grey watercolor paper and cut it out, topping off  some of the thinner branches.  Lastly I stamped the cat (Inner Child #2) onto another manila scrap with black ink and cut it out.  I tied 2 bows from purple baker's yarn and attached one to the cat and one at the neck of the cape.  I used a "BOO" Bingo card (Jenni Bowlin) as the background and attached everything except the doll with glue.  I used velcro dots to attach the doll to the Bingo card.  This allows to Pat to remove her from the card and display her in other ways.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Dress Banner (My Dress #1)

 This dress pattern was the first one I chose for my dress banner.  It is not necessarily my favorite.  ")  But, I remember so many dresses from my childhood similar to it.  (Anybody else remember those starched pinafores? LOL)  Striped pinafores seemed to be so popular during that time....usually combined with a floral dress.  But I love this window-pane check done in blue and white.  I thought it made a great combo.  Of course, I had to add the little pocket....I think my mother thought I'd carry a little hankie if I had a pocket.  ")  I added a white color and the black Nail Heads for the buttons.  I have a small pice of this lovely lace and used it to trim off the bottom of the dress.  My embellishment for the  piece was this "sweet" Sweet Peas faux flower seed packet.  I added the date to the ribbon banner at the bottom of the packet.  I attached  the bird and stamped the sentiment "be happy" .  I added the blue grosgrain ribbon at the waist.
I used a text-printed paper for the back.  I absolutely love text in my artwork and wanted that to show in this piece.  I purchased a pack of silohette cards from StampDiva and chose this one to put on the back.  Making silohettes of children's faces was a very popular thing to do during my childhood.  I cut the card into two pieces and attached it to the back of the dress.

My Dress #2

 This dress is another one I remember from my childhood.  Floral material was so popular for little girls at that time.....and tons of pink!  ")  My mom was creative and would altar a pattern and was therefore able to come up with so many different looks.  (She actually did not have to use a pattern most times).  I used a combination of pink and floral for this dress.  I used a scalloped collar and pearl buttons on it and pink trim for the cuffs.  The apron has flowers at each scallop.  I cut the flowers from the same paper as the dress.  I had this little girl on a label in my stash and thought she was perfect for this dress.  I added the little bird to the left side.  Then I added the phrase "Dream with your eyes wide open."
I love this paper I used on the back.  I thought it looked like something from my era.  I used part of a small bingo card for the back and cut out a tiny stamped doll (from B-Line Designs) to add next to it.  The label I used for the signature is actually part of the card from which I cut my phrase for the front.

My Dress #3

 This is the third dress I made to go on my banner.  This is another style my mother often made for me.  I love polka dots and just had to use this paper for this dress.  I used white for the collar and trim on the sleeves and trimmed it with with red ribbon.  The I added white paper strips to mimic ribbon across the bottom of the dress.  When I was looking through my stash to find something to decorate the dress, I found this Fashionista tag from 7gypsies and had that "Aha!" moment.  I printed out the "celebrate life" to add to the front.
For the back of this dress I chose this paper because it just looked so old fashioned to me.  Once again I found a 7gypsies tag to add to it.  I think of my girls in dresses similar to this when they were little and always thought they looked like such little princesses.  I cut a round card in half and attached it to the top and used it as my signature label.  I incorporated the card because cards are another one of my addictions.  ")

Dress from Pat

 This darling dress is from Pat.  I love the combinations of the striped paper with the floral paper.  The aqua with the pink is so very delicate and feminine.  Pat has made the collar and the apron of the dress from the aqua strip.  The dress of from the beautiful pink rose paper.  She has used paper lace underneath the collar and added an overlay to the collar of a script paper and then sewn two buttons on top of it.  The apron also has an under lay of papers lace and a punched lace edging along the bottom of the dress.  She as added a white paper scallop across the apron with "such a lovely day" stamped on it.  She then added the two birds to the top of the scalloped piece.  The burgundy ribbon really sets this dress off.  A final touch is the aqua velvet flower with a pearl center.
The back has a light pink gingham check top with a floral circle that covers the threads from the buttons.  The skirt is dark pink with white polka dots.  The label is made from a text paper with a dark pink center and pat has added a white label to sign her name.  Beautiful!  Thank you Pat!